Welsh Wonder

This week we’re looking at Wales as a holiday destination, with specific focus on the Brecon Beacons in the middle of the country.

While many people will be aware of everything that’s on offer in Cardiff.

1,344 square kilometres of beautiful countryside welcomes any traveler here, and it rates up there alongside the best of what’s on offer in the UK. If you’ve ever fallen in love with one of the National Parks across the land such as Dartmoor, Exmoor or the Lake District then you’re bound to enjoy this fantastic part of the world.

There are a huge selection of cottages and B&B’s as well as pubs that offer accommodation throughout the countryside, with the Cathedral town of Brecon at the very heart.

In the beacons you can find any manner of outdoor activities to get stuck in to, including hiking, pony-trekking and canoeing.

With a number of brilliant pubs lining the canals that snake their way through the area, if you fancy a jolly day out on the water with a few beers as you make your way along your route then canoeing could well be the perfect afternoon out for you and a number of friends.